Optima industrial steam cleaners have very high steam efficiencies of up to 2,200 grams/minute, a working temperature of 180 to 200C and a working pressure of 10 Bar. The machines are available in 380/400-volt power and diesel designs. Optima steam cleaners with steam hoses up to 20 metres in length can also be operated by two people at the same time.

Steam cleaning is perfect for any type of situation where traditional cleaning methods fail to deliver. Our steam cleaners are used to clean industrial kitchens, industrial equipment, rehabilitation equipment, cooling units, car exteriors and interiors, engines, lathes, milling cutters, CNC processing centres, sheds and lavatories, as well as to remove weed and chewing gum.


Would you like to know which steamer best suits your business environment and cleaning needs? Contact us for advice about our steamers.

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