A family business with a passion for technology

For more than half a century, Verhagen Leiden has specialised in developing and manufacturing electric tugs, industrial vacuum cleaners and leaf vacuum sweepers. Established in 1964 by J.F. Verhagen, the company has evolved over the past 50+ years into the leading independent supplier of electric tugs, industrial vacuum cleaners and leaf vacuum sweepers in the Benelux market. The machines, manufactured in house, are used in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Besides operating its own manufacturing facility, Verhagen Leiden also manages several import agencies for the Dutch and Belgian markets. Thanks to its in-house production and strong partnership with these international suppliers, Verhagen Leiden B.V. provides a comprehensive range of floor scrubbers, floor sweepers and steamers. We can offer the right solution in 99% of all situations.

V-move Electric Tugs

Verhagen Leiden is a manufacturer of electric tugs. The V-move electric tow tugs and tractors are developed and manufactured entirely in-house. Load weight range from 500 to 40,000 kilograms.

Comzu Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Verhagen Leiden’s industrial vacuum cleaners have been favourites in the greenhouse and manufacturing industries for many years. Our industrial vacuum cleaners are used to quickly clean surfaces.

Verhagen Leaf Vacuum Sweepers

The leaf vacuum sweepers manufactured by Verhagen Leiden are renowned in horticulture. The leaf vacuum sweepers are specially developed for use on a pipe rail system.

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