Electric Tow Tug V-move EDV

Electric Tow Tug V-move EDV

Easily move danish carts

  • 350 kg
  • More than 50 years of experience
  • In-house design and production department
  • Made in Holland

Product information Electric Tow Tug V-move EDV

The V-move EDV electric tow tug is the solution to transport Danish trolleys or CC containers in an easy and labor-responsible manner over both ground cover and paved terrain. The Danish trolley can be driven on the conveyor in an instant and can easily be moved over the ground cover, without physical effort and without damage or rutting of the ground cover. The powerful drive motor with differential makes it easy to drive from the ground cover to the concrete path. This electric tractor is equipped with large, wide wheels and is equipped with a continuously adjustable driving control, so that the right speed can be easily selected for every situation.

Standard equipment

  • Pull / push capacity up to 350 kg
  • 1 x 500 Watt electric motor
  • External battery charger
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • Speed continuously adjustable (0-6 km/h)
  • Battery indicator
  • Belly button safety switch

Optionally available

  • Various versions (1, 2 or 3 Danish trolleys)

The V-move EDV electric tow tug was developed by Verhagen Leiden and is manufactured in The Netherlands.

Product specifications

Electric Tow Tug V-move EDV
Towing capacity350 kg
Voltage / power24V 500W
Speed0-6 km/h
TiresPneumatic tires
Battery2 x 12V 55Ah maintenance free
Battery charger24V 8A external
Dimensions lxwxh246 x 85 x 117 cm
Weight144 kg incl. batteries
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