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Industrial vacuum cleaner Depureco Bull 3

Depureco Bull 3 industrial vacuum cleaner

These industrial, liquid and chip vacuum cleaners all come equipped with a dust cyclone and a tangential intake port. The amount of dust on the filter is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum. DEPURECO BULL industrial vacuum cleaners are available with a strength of 220V, 380-400V, as well as with 24V battery drive. This is a modular concept that ensures Verhagen has an appropriate solution to any cleaning issue.
The DEPURECO BULL in 380-400V power supply design is equipped with a Siemens 3-phase engine and a ring-channel turbine, which has been installed directly onto the engine axis of the electrical engine. This ensures that wear and tear and maintenance for these machines is reduced to a minimum. Depureco industrial vacuum cleaners can be used for emergencies, continuous vacuuming, central vacuuming systems and for periodic cleaning of floors and equipment. If the type of use requires it, Verhagen manufactures these industrial vacuum cleaners fully or partially from stainless steel.
Various models of industrial vacuum cleaners are available even for explosion-sensitive environments (ATEX). Verhagen supplies various types of tubes for these industrial vacuum cleaners, including standard, anti-static, oil-resistant, chips, heat-resistant and tubes for extremely low temperatures. Verhagen supplies the tubes in a variety of diameters, including 38, 50, 70 and 100mm.

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