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Industrial vacuum cleaner Comzu F3320 with suction mouth

COMZU F3320 Industrial vacuum cleaners

The Verhagen COMZU F3320 DHC industrial vacuum cleaner is the larger companion to the F3313 DHC. Its vacuum width of between 82 and 100 cm makes this industrial vacuum cleaner suitable for larger surfaces. Due to its solid build and high degree of reliability, this industrial vacuum cleaner is widely used in wood, metal, construction, potato, bulb and greenhouse industries.
The fixed suction mouth is perfect for cleaning larger surfaces. Since the suction mouth can be lifted, more serious dirt such as wood chips, leaves, plastic, string, paper and other large parts present no problem at all for this industrial vacuum cleaner.

The F3320 industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with 3 powerful vacuum motors and is also available with TURBO engines to vacuum heavy dirt, including large amounts of sand or metals.

In addition, these industrial vacuum cleaners also include a mechanical filter shaker and a removable dirt container (with a capacity of 70 litres), which is easy to empty. In conjunction with the standard package of tubes, this machine can be used – in addition to floor cleaning – to clean hard-to-reach areas such as machines, systems, cars, cafeterias, etc.


  • This vacuum cleaner is manufactured in-house

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