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Industrial vacuum cleaner Comzu F3313 B2 HEPA

COMZU F3313 B2 construction vacuum cleaner

Many construction companies use the F3313 construction vacuum cleaner to vacuum construction, quartz, stone and wood materials. You can use the liftable nozzle to easily remove crude and fine dirt from large surfaces. Separate packages of tubes are of course also available with the machine, so that these industrial vacuum cleaners can also be used for other purposes.
The protective brace at the front serves to protect the machine, to unlock the dirt container, and as a lifting eye for transport at great heights (using fork-lift trucks or cranes). All F3313 B2 DHH industrial vacuum cleaners come with extra-large wheels and HEPA filters, making it possible to use the machine to vacuum quartz materials.
The F3313 construction vacuum cleaner features 3 powerful vacuum motors and a Teflon-coated dust filter, ensuring that it continues to operate for many years even when there’s heavy dust accumulation. These industrial vacuum cleaners also come with mechanical filter shakers and a removable dirt container, making it very easy to empty.


  • This vacuum cleaner is manufactured in-house

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