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Leaf vacuum sweeper 13 Hp

Hydraulic operation

The new leaf vacuum sweeper is equipped with a hydraulic operation system, side brushes and a container with bottom discharge.
The side brushes sweep the leaves underneath the pipes to the centre of the path, after which it is absorbed and fragmented by the leaf collector. The side brushes allow you to move the suction mouth across the pipe rail system twice as fast.
The specially designed 300-litre container with bottom discharge (patent pending; (application number 1013237) is easy to empty using a forklift truck or tackle.
Advantages of this innovative new leaf collector over existing collectors:
•Works twice as fast.
•Scrubs off more encrusted dirt, resulting in cleaner foil or canvas.
•A single machine has a working width of between 500mm and 1,600mm.
•Bottom discharge system provides greater absorption capacity (300 litres versus 100 litres) and there’s no longer any need to lift the container.

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