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Floor sweeper Gansow 1450

Strong, solid and highly reliable

The GANSOW 1450 ride-on sweeper is a revolutionary machine that can clean anything easily without leaving any dust residue, including dust, sand, leaves, paper, labels and soil. The GANSOW 1450 floor sweeper has full hydraulic operation and includes a perfect filter system that will last through the machine’s entire lifecycle. This unique filter system ensures that the machine leaves no dust revenue.

Features of the GANSOW 1450

The GANSOW 1450 floor sweeper includes three sweep settings for light, medium and heavy dirt, mechanical side brushes for making turns, and a high-loading system that dumps the dirt in a waste container from a height of up to 150 centimetres. The GANSOW 1450 is available in a 24V battery design or in a diesel or petrol design. The GANSOW 1450 industrial sweeper has a 145-centimetre working width and comes equipped with two side brushes, a powerful aspirator, a permanent filter system and a 150-litre container.

Request a demonstration and let us convince you!

We will be pleased to demonstrate the GANSOW 1450 on site. Request more information or contact us.

Contact us

Verhagen Leiden
Hoge Rijndijk 267
2314 AG Leiden Holland
T: +31 (0)71 5813030
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