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Floor sweeper ECO 32

Fast, compact and powerful

The ECO 32 floor sweeper is tough on dirt – compact yet efficient. This floor sweeper works on the basis of the ‘brush and dustpan’ system, also known as the ‘direct sweeping system’. This is the perfect sweeping machine when dealing with heavy, serious dirt such as sand, ground cement, gravel, stone dust, etc. This sweeper is used in places where dust has accumulated and which requires maximum cleaning performance. ECO sweepers are fully hydraulically operated and includes a large filter system that lasts through the machine’s entire lifecycle. If you don’t want to compromise and are ready for a solid and reliable sweeper, the ECO floor sweeper is just the ticket.

ECO 32 floor sweeper for serious sweeping

The ECO 32 floor sweeper has a 115-centimetre sweeping width, a patented brush pressure system and a 180-litre dirt container, and comes with a high-loading system for direct dumping into the container or waste container. The ECO sweeper can be used to clean brickyards, for heavy industrial use, on farms, contracting companies, cement factories, fruit and vegetable processing companies, etc. If you would like to use the sweeper for a minimum of 10 years without paying for heavy maintenance, a machine that always works, and if you think it’s impossible to get rid of your dirt without dust residues, challenge us and allow Verhagen to give a no-obligation demonstration. You’re guaranteed to be amazed!

Request a demonstration and let us convince you!

Would you like to use your sweeper for at least 10 years without heavy maintenance, and a machine that never lets you down? Do you think its impossible to get rid of waste without leaving dust revenues? Challenge us and ask Verhagen Leiden to give a no-obligation demonstration – you’re sure to be amazed!

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