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Floor scrubber ICM G22 BR

Scrubbing without pre-sweeping!

The new ICM Deluxe 22BR scrubber dryer features a roller brush including a container for tough dirt, ensuring you can clean the floor without scrubbing it first. The hard waste is collected in a stainless steel container that is easy to empty. Besides a container for tough dirt, this scrubber dryer also offers the advantage that the roller brush system performs better on irregular floors than traditional disc brushes do.

Features of the G22BR vacuum scrubber dryer

The standard electrical operation on wheels allows you to easily manoeuvre the machine. The water faucet, brushes and nozzle system are mechanical and therefore incident-free. With a cleaning and water tank of 50 litres each and a working width of 50.5 centimetres, this scrubber has a capacity of more than 2,000 square metres per hour.

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You’ll be persuaded by the result and low price of this scrubber.

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