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Floor scrubber ICM ET 65-75

The perfect small ride-on scrubber

The ICM ET scrubber is the very best of the small ride-on vacuum scrubbers. These scrubbers have very compact measurements and are available in three working widths: 65, 70 (roller) and 75 centimetres. The scrubbers are produced from high-impact, durable materials. All the scrubbers in the ET series use few to no electronic components, making the machine highly reliable and low maintenance. Besides the disc brushes (ET65 and ET75),

Features of the ICM ET 65-75 ride-on floor scrubber

Verhagen also supplies the ET70 with a rolling-brush system (cylindrical brushes). All ET70 ride-on scrubbers are equipped with a stainless steel container, which also makes it possible to clean smaller amounts of dirt. The ET65RHP and ET7RHP are revolutionary scrubbers featuring a patented brush system and a brush pressure of 80 kg. These floor scrubbers can take on even the most serious accumulation of dirt and can be used on cement, tiles, linoleum and other smooth floor surfaces.

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