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Floor scrubber ICM 42 UT

Designed for large surfaces

The ICM 42UT and 60UT floor scrubbers are the two power players in our range of floor scrubbers. Their large working width (120 and 150 centimetres) makes them perfect for cleaning large surfaces.

Features of the ICM 42/60 UT floor scrubber

Both scrubbers have 340-litre water content for clean water and wastewater; you can clean large surfaces without refilling the water. Available in battery, diesel and LPG design. The brushes are installed at the front of the scrubber, allowing you to clean the hard-to-reach places easily and giving you a perfect view of your cleaning work. Both floor scrubbers can be equipped with a stainless steel sweeping unit, ensuring that any small dirt, such as pieces of pallet, wood, scraps of paper and other dirt, can be cleaned immediately without needing to pre-sweep first. The scrubbers have a brush pressure of 150kg, causing any dirt to disappear immediately (in combination with the right detergent).

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