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Electric Tug V-moveŽ Trailer Mover XXL

Moving trailers by hand

The V-move® Trailer Mover XXL was specially developed by Verhagen Leiden to move trailers up to 20 tons. The lift capacity of this model of Trailer Mover XXL is 3.500 kilograms. Other lift capacities on request.

This Trailer Mover XXL can be used ideally as a substitute for terminal tractors. In addition to the favorable price the Trailer Mover XXL can also be operated without a license.

The V-move® XXL is equipped with the latest drive technology as a 4 kW AC electric motor and differential. The standard Continental tires provide solid in the most extreme conditions for the best possible traction. The 36 volt 245ah maintenance-free battery pack allows for a very long running time. Further, the V-move® XXL equipped with the needed safety devices such as an emergency stop, horn, anti-terminal strip and anti-tipping device. Optional an air compressor can be mounted on the Trailer Mover to release the brakes.

V move® is the new brand and the new name for the electric tractors Verhagen Leiden. Formerly also known as Multi-Mover.

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Verhagen Leiden
Hoge Rijndijk 267
2314 AG Leiden Holland
T: +31 (0)71 5813030
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