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Electric tow tractor V-move 500

Reliable and Compact

V-move® electric tow tractor (with a capacity of 1,000kg RG) have been part of Verhagen Leiden’s comprehensive range for more than a decade.

These highly compact tow tractors are used in a variety of business and industrial settings, including greenhouses, hospitals, manufacturing companies and warehouses for pulling a variety of vehicles: auction carts, wheelie bins, platform trucks, order pickers and other collection vehicles.

Chances are you’ve seen the V-move® at airports, where they are used as technical service vehicles or to transport rolling containers.

V-move® electric tow tractors are extremely solid and compact vehicles of which Verhagen Leiden has already supplied many hundreds of units.
This electro tractor is developed by Verhagen Leiden and is produced and assembled in the factory in the Netherlands. V-move® is the new brandname for all electro tugs of Verhagen Leiden. Before also known as Multi-Mover or Tiger.

Contact us

Verhagen Leiden
Hoge Rijndijk 267
2314 AG Leiden Holland
T: +31 (0)71 5813030
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