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Electric tow tractor V-moveŽ 1500

Heavy and solid design

V-move® 1500 electric tow tractor are extremely heavy and solidly designed tractors whose design is similar to that of the heavier V-move® 2500 series.
The main difference is that the V-move® 1500 tow tractor is a 24-volt vehicle, does not have suspension on the wheels (it does on the seat) and that only the rear wheels are used to brake.
The V-move® 1500 electric tow tractor is a machine for companies that do not transport more than 2,000kg at a time and require an even more compact electric vehicle. The V-move® 1500 is 10 centimetres shorter than the 2500-VL series.
This electro tractor is developed by Verhagen Leiden and is produced and assembled in the factory in the Netherlands. V-move® is the new brandname for all electro tugs of Verhagen Leiden. Before also known as Multi-Mover or Tiger.

Contact us

Verhagen Leiden
Hoge Rijndijk 267
2314 AG Leiden Holland
T: +31 (0)71 5813030
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