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Kaivac No Touch Cleaning 1250

Full cleaning of toilet areas

People’s main gripe at companies and in schools and office buildings, hotels and food establishments are dirty, malodorous lavatories. Traditional cleaning methods are simply not enough to thoroughly and effectively clean these areas. For one, most mop buckets contain dirty water that is spread around through mopping and floor cleaning. As a result, only a fraction of the dirt is removed, and a dirty ring forms around the toilets, attracting germs. People are essentially forced to clean these filthy surfaces with their hands and move around in dirty lavatories.

No-touch cleaning

A compact machine that combines pressure cleaning, the use of detergents and liquid-vacuuming technology, the KAI VAC No-Touch Cleaning System removes all dirt and germs. First, a detergent is sprayed onto the toilets, sinks, floors and walls, after which the machine sprays the dirt on the floor using a water jet. Finally, the machine sucks the floor dry and clean: dirt and germs are removed immediately. The result is pleasantly scented toilets, kitchens, floors, walls and stairs, without having to touch the dirty surfaces.

The benefits of no-touch cleaning

Kaivac No Touch machines provide major benefits, eliminating the need for mops, rags, cleaning carts, vacuum cleaners, liquid water cleaners and high-pressure cleaners at schools, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, campsites, sports clubs, manufacturing plants, airports, conference halls, production facilities, stadiums and hospitals.

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