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Floor sweeper Nilfisk SR 1900

Cleans in a fraction of the time required by a traditional floor sweeper

The SR 1900 floor sweeper cleans large surfaces such as car parks, warehouses, factory floors and building sites in a fraction of the time needed by a traditional sweeper. The added value of this sweeper is the innovative DustGuard™ misting system, which efficiently reduces dust.

Attention to detail

Nilfisk ride-on sweepers are ahead of the game when it comes to technology and design – this is of course also reflected in the SE 1900 sweeper. Attention to detail is the key to success. The Nilfisk SR 1900 features improved safety features, easier operation, easier maintenance and functional properties that ensure higher productivity and lower overall cleaning expenses.

Other features of the SE 1900 at a glance:

•DustGuard™ system ensures fine misting for the side brushes.
•Easy to maintain thanks to NoTools™ feature
•Rust-free protection through polyethylene caps ensures a longer lifecycle.
•The 130-centimetre head brush is the widest in this segment. Thanks to the two side brushes the total working width is 2 metres.

Request a demonstration and let us convince you!

We’ll be pleased to demonstrate the Nilfisk SR 1900 on site. Request more information or contact us.

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