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Trailer dolly V-move XL

V-move® XL, the electric trailer dolly

Verhagen Leiden’s V-move® XL electric trailer dolly allows you to easily move your trailer with a weight up to 3,500kg and manoeuvre it across a flat surface with no physical effort.
Thanks to the special tyres and drive, the V-move® can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. You can use the electric trailer dolly at riding schools, campsites, caravan car parks, industrial buildings, assembly factories and on many other sites.

The V-move® XL can be used to pull and push caravans, horse trailers, regular trailers, auction carts, shelf carts, boat trailers, assembly carts, stage carts, market carts, sales carts, barrel organs, equipment carts, industrial trailers, helicopters, warehouse carts, engine trailers, car trailers, aggregate vehicles, sprayers, emergency vehicles, order pickers, etc. The V-move® can truly be used for a MULTITUDE of purposes.
This electro tug is developed by Verhagen Leiden and is produced and assembled in the factory in the Netherlands. V-move® is the new brandname for all electro tugs of Verhagen Leiden. Before also known as Multi-Mover or Tiger. 


  • Suitable for any type of caravan or trailer


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Verhagen Leiden
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T: +31 (0)71 5813030
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