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Boiler cleaning

Boiler tube cleaning equipment

Mr J.F. Verhagen started his business in the early 1960s with the invention of a machine designed to clean the flame tubes of boilers, known as the RAZUROTER (Dutch acronym for the verbs ragen, zuigen, roteren – sweeping, vacuuming and rotating). The machine’s unique feature was that it could be used without producing any dust.
The Razuroter quickly removes soot and scale from flame tubes. The equipment can also be used to thoroughly clean the interior of condenser tubes and other tubes. Razuroters with vacuuming capacity can scrub off the scale, after which the loose dirt is removed immediately from behind the special spring wire in combination with a Verhagen Comzu industrial vacuum cleaner. All Razuroters are custom-built by Verhagen.

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Verhagen Leiden
Hoge Rijndijk 267
2314 AG Leiden Holland
T: +31 (0)71 5813030
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